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Hanstholm Skibssmedie has all the necessary competencies for new building, rebuilding and reparation of vessels.

We have slipway lot in a roofed hall, on open space and on the floating dock, which the company is a co-owner of.


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  • Processing and constructions
  • Welding
  • Surface treatment / Painting



We conduct repairs on hulls, bridges, masts and equipments such as capstan, whale trays, net rollers etc. We deliver and install main engines, auxiliary engines, hydraulic facilities, propellers, propeller shafts and more.

New building and Rebuilding

  • Design and approval
  • Processing and construction
  • Welding / Stronghold
  • Surface treatment / Painting


We manage design, production and approval on new building and rebuilding. This applies to hulls, wheelhouses and equipments.


  • New and existing equipments
  • Communication with manufactures
  • 24-hour service



We also take care of servicing of vessels. This applies to service agreements on new or existing vessels and we take care of the communication with any possible manufacturers.




Hanstholm Skibssmedie ApS

Kuttergade 9-11

7730 Hanstholm, Denmark

Phone: 97 96 16 11

24-hour service / Jesper Phone: 21 44 66 65

Weekend shift Phone. 40 44 91 49