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HM 635


HM 635 – A collaboration more than 30 years old


HM 635

Hanstholm Skibssmedie has been our partner for a long time. Especially with urgent tasks the smithy provides a great effort to get us out to sea again. They react fast and professionally at a reasonable price. Furthermore, they are often done before expected and just for that reason we will recommend Hanstholm Skibssmedie to others. – Jan Hansen – HM 635


At Hanstholm Skibssmedie we put emphasis on collaboration and quality. These are the values creating positive and long lasting customer relations. A good example hereof is Jan Hansen who has been with Hanstholm Ship Smithy since he started as an independent fishing skipper.  In other words that means that Hanstholm Skibssmedie and Jan Hansen have worked together for 25-30 years. Through these years Jan has had different vessels and the tasks have therefore been different from time to time. Hanstholm Skibssmedie has services all of Jan Hansen’s vessels and therefore there is not a place on the vessels where Hanstholm Skibssmedie has not conducted work. Hence, we have through the years conducted work on engine, gear, propeller, hydraulic, steel, aluminum work for elongation of the vessel and more.


Hanstholm Skibssmedie possesses a wide range of competences within maritime service, renovation and extension and rebuilding. Our long time collaboration with Jan Hansen documents this wide range of high quality competences. The collaboration with Han has worked very well and both parties understand each other’s business and have mutual trust.


Hanstholm Skibssmedie keeps what they promise and they are very professional. It is hard for us to imagine having a better business partner. At our latest installation of a new nozzle have we even achieved minimized fuel consumption and that is money in the pocket. Jan Hansen – HM 635 

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